Friday, September 16, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 09/15/11: Blood Drive, Killing Flies, Billy Mac's and Rogue Nation

1. After my blood draw, and a superb breakfast at the Cooler, I took a drive to the top of Skinner Butte, scouting future picture taking sites. That part of town looks superb for taking pictures. I just hadn't thought of it until today.

2. The documentary "I Like Killing Flies" focuses on the unique restaurateur, Kenny Shopshin. It was fun to listen to him blab about his philosophies of life and to see him at work in his unique eatery and to hear him gab about food. The movie's drama centered around him losing his lease and having to move into a different building and how that move worked for him and how his customer's felt about the restaurant being displaced.

3. Tonight was the eatery daily double: first, we had a big turn out at Billy Mac's. More of us who get together on Thursdays showed up than have for months. That was really satisfying and fun. The fun continued when I buzzed over to Rogue Nation and the Eugene City Brewery to meet up with Samantha and her mom, Muffie, and Muffie's husband, Larry. I enjoyed making Larry's acquaintance and yakking with everyone at the table about the good old days and good old new ones, too.

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