Thursday, September 15, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 09/14/11: Good and Cheap Compact Discs, Red Barn, Lookin' Back with Stu

1. Sam and I went to Target and I picked up some cheap cd's, now that I have a player in the car - - four best of albums: Eric Clapton, The Cars, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and CCR. I saw Daisy at Target. That, too, was fun. 2. I changed things up a bit and instead of buying produce and hot cereal at the Kiva, I went to the Red Barn. LCC student Renee was working the cash register. We had a good visit and then I went across the street for an honest three buck pint of Dale's Pale Ale at Sam Bond's Garage. It was too hoppy for my taste. Nonetheless, I enjoyed relaxing at a table and slowly drinking this renowned beer from the Oskar Blues Brewery. 3. The Stu and I had a good text exchange about Lynrd Skynrd and our fall 1973 Friday afternoons at Jeckyl and Hyde's. We always had the same sandwich while we drank the afternoon away and shot pool before heading out to the next Kellogg Wildcat game. Neither of us can remember the sandwich's name. Then Stu called and we tried to figure out some other stuff from that time in our life -- with mixed success. We had lots of good laughs and decided that Goose and Jake are the two best story tellers we know. Others have good stories to tell, but Goose and Jake really deliver and Stu and I are rendered silent in their presence. That's good.

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