Sunday, September 25, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 09/24/11: Breakfast at St. Mary's, Ginger Chicken, Ghosts on Boards

1.  We fed every person who needed a breakfast at St. Mary's this morning.  With the addition of maybe 30-40 followers of Further, we must have had over two hundred people come through the meal line for scrambled eggs and/or omelets, home fries and/or mashed potatoes, bacon/sausage/Canadian bacon, and buttered toast and then move on out into the room for grits, oatmeal, fresh fruit, gravy, juice, and other offerings I'm probably not aware of.  I saw my former student Clarence again and his appearance seems to support his claim that he's getting cleaned up -- laying off the heroin -- and it's good to seem him.  I wish he could find a better living situation than his van.

2.  Russell and I hadn't been to Yi Shen for quite a while.  We were warmly welcomed and I very much enjoyed my dish of ginger chicken, vegetables, and white rice. 

3.  I follow a Japanese guy on Tumblr, here, who takes black and white street photographs and I think what he does is shoot some of them out of focus, on purpose, so that the human figures have an anonymous look.  They look like apparitions.  I like his pictures a lot and today, while out taking pictures with Russell, I took some pictures of some skateboarders hoping to achieve a similar effect.  See what you think:

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