Monday, September 19, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 09/18/11: Justice and Mercy, Tuna Salad 'Which at 16 Tons, Cinematography

1.  This morning in church, Rev. Betsy Tesi preached a sermon on the emphasis upon justice and mercy in the Kingdom of God, not on fairness.  It was brilliant. 

2.  After church, the Troxstar met me at 16 Tons and we ventured over to the High Street pub, each bought a sandwich, took our food back to 16 Tons.  For a while the taps were no working, so we split a very satisfying LandTrust Lager.  The taps got fixed.  Then I had a refreshing pint of Heater Allen Dinkel Dunkel.

3.  Patrick and I had a very interesting discussion of the relationship between the director of a movie and the director of photography, a favorite subject of mine that I hadn't discussed for a long time.  I sent the great documentary "Visions of Light" home with Patrick.  I hope he enjoys this history of cinematography, made about 20 years ago.

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