Sunday, September 11, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 09/10/11: St. Mary's Breakfast, Land Trust Lager, Greeky Dinner

1.  I got to prepare the potatoes and then serve them to all the men and women who came to our twice monthly free breakfast at St. Mary's. 

2.  Before I went grocery shopping this afternoon, I stopped in at Sixteen Tons for a single pint of beer.  It was hard to stop at one because I so thoroughly enjoyed Oakshire's Land Trust Lager.  For me, it was a perfect answer to the unseasonable heat.  Not only was it more light than heavy, it was very tasty.  I stopped at one and got on with my duties to stock the pantry. 

3.  New dinner combo:  Greek salad and tri tips, prepared on the stove via the cast iron dutch oven.  It worked for me.

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