Saturday, September 17, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 09/16/11: TroxStock at Brails, Photos, Adult Restaurant

1.  The Troxstar and Mme. Marla were kind enough to extend an invitation to me to join them for breakfast at Brails.  Ian's service was prompt and witty, the coffee was premium, and I went off my usual corned beef hash grid and enjoyed Eggs Benedict and hashbrowns. . . a very satisfying start to the day.

2.  I organized photographs and copied about 14,000 of them to my external storage drive.

3.  Muffie and Larry offered to take the Deke and me out to dinner.  Sam, too! They wanted to eat at an adult restaurant (not a brewpub)  a joint with steaks and shrimp and prime rib and good booze.  At first their request stumped me.  Gulp.  I just don't go to such places very often.  The closest is Billy Mac's, a great restaurant, but still more of a pub.  I could tell they wanted something a bit bigger, more extensive than Billy Mac's.  I went online (I could have gone to the Yellow Pages) and I was embarrassed that I hadn't thought of the Eugene Electric Station. Score!  It fits Muffie and Larry's request perfectly!  And that's where we went and my single malt Scotch, dinner salad, New York Steak, garlic mashed potatoes, and glass of red wine deeply satisfied me.  I was really happy and so were Muffie and Larry.  They loved the joint.  (Back home, Larry introduced me to Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey.  Smooth.  Tasty.  Satisfiying. Another score.)

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