Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 09/12/11: Good Kidney News, Yi Shen Noodles, Crashing a Middleboro High School Reunion

1.  Okay.  Here's the deal.  I have Stage III chronic kidney disease. I was diagnosed about seven years ago and I don't know how long I'd had it before it was discovered.   I live (quite well) with 22% kidney function.  I had about 6% more function until I contracted pneumonia and c-diff back in 2009.  The dehydration cost me some kidney function.  For some reason unknown to any one, last March my kidney function dipped to 18%.  My kidney doctor (and I) hoped this was an anomaly and it turns out it was.  In fact, my function was back up to 22% when I saw my internist in early June.  The hope of my doctors and my hope is that I stay at this 22% level.  I saw my kidney doctor today and not only was my blood pressure really good -- a vital factor in managing this disease -- but my kidney function remained stable.  22% function.  This is very good news.  Stability.  That's what I want, in all things, really, but especially when in comes to my kidneys.

2.  Russell and I have been out of town through large chunks of August and September.  Not only have we not had a photo stroll for a while, but we've not been to Yi Shen for many weeks.  I ate lunch at Yi Shen today and the Vietnamese stir fried noodles with bbq pork not only satisfied my appetite, but reminded me of why Russell and I enjoy being one of the restaurant's weekly regulars.

3.   Jon Souza was in town today on business and so he and the Troxstar were getting together, having a mini high school reunion,  to watch the Pats play Miami and they invited me to join them.  It was calm and enjoyable at the Good Times tavern.  The beer and food were good.  The Massachusetts guys one table over were good guys.  Tom Brady was really good.  The Pats won.  Jon and the Troxstar and I had a lot of good laughs.  We ended the night by introducing Jon to Sixteen Tons and I enjoyed capping off the evening with a pint of Southern Tier Harvest Ale.  

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