Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 09/06/11: Taking Pictures at The Strand, Eggplant Heaven, Smoked Baltic Porter Pleasure

1.  I took my camera down to the Farmer's Market, but didn't feel like taking pictures there and then I walked over to The Strand at 8th and Charnelton, sat at a table outside, and snapped some pictures of the world around me.  One of my personal favorites, for its subject matter, was of this police jail van.  I wish it were clearer, but if you look closely you can see the cop in the passenger side is taking surveillance footage of people down the street on 8th.  I'm wondering if the cops were worried about the crowd gathering for the Family Dinner down at The Dining Room, run by Food for Lane County. I'm not sure.

2.  I had a hankering for eggplant and vaguely remembered a recipe for an eggplant sauce to serve over pasta.  I found the recipe, bought a bunch of tomatoes, garlic, and eggplant at the Kiva, a bunch of basil at the Farmer's Market and the sauce I made poured over penne was fantastic.  
3.  Before going to Nick and Helen's I bought a bottle of Smoked Baltic Porter, brewed by the Great Divide Brewing Company in Denver.  While I fixed dinner, this beer delighted my taste buds beyond my usual delight in drinking a porter.  And one was enough.  It was perfect.

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