Friday, September 30, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 09/27/11: Comp. Underway, Late Porketta, Black Boss Polish Porter

1. It felt good to get my WR 121 classes underway.  I try to walk the fine line between being eager to help and reasonable about problems by students might have and being clear that I mean business as their teacher.  I try to be honest without being intimidating.  I try to communicate understanding without seeming a pushover. 

2.  Heh.  I put the porketta in the crock pot a little too late, but finally, about 8:00, Sam, the Deke, and decided that we could start shredding it, with a little effort, and so we did and the meat was good with the onions and the brown basmati rice.  I'll try to remember to put the porketta on a little earlier next time -- like two hours earlier.

3.  I'll readily admit, though, that the wait for the porketta was made much easier the pint bottle of Black Boss Porter I savored.  It's a Polish Porter and is jam packed with chocolate goodness and other sweet tastes that inspired me to noisiness with every drink.  I'm glad I only drank one.  It's alcohol content is pretty high for me.  Its taste, though, really good.

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