Friday, September 30, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 09/28/11: Bible as Lit, Kitchen Help, Priest Duet

1.  I think teaching stories from the Bible as literature, from a literary perspective, is the trickiest thing I do all year as a teacher.  I'm totally committed to teaching the Bible as literature in my World Lit. class.  It's tough, though.  For students, the Bible is often either a supremely highly regarded source of truth or a scorned book, an instrument of oppression.  I think I succeeded today in keeping the discussion literary, of voicing no adherence to any doctrines and looking at the poetry, figurative language, narrative structure, and universal meaning of Psalm 23 and the parable of the Good Samaritan.  Honestly?  It's stressful.  For me.  I don't want to talk theology or doctrine in my literature class.  It's not church and it's not Sunday school.

2.  I went from a morning of teaching a tiny bit of the Bible as literature to helping get dinner ready for our Wednesday parish dinner at St. Mary's.  I chopped bok choy.  I sliced tomatoes.  I helped drain peas.  I carried big pans of mac and cheese to the serving line.  It was fun to help out.

3.  I enjoyed listening to our priests, Bingham and Betsy, lecture on the book Christianity for the Rest of Us.  They worked really well together and helped bring the book's content alive. 

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