Friday, September 9, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 09/08/11: Shirk Meal, Everyone's at Sixteen Tons!, Win for Once

1.  Scott and I met at 12:30 for lunch at Cafe Sienna and kept right on talking until past 2:30, getting everything in the worlds of music, theater, metaphysics, epistemology, radio, blogs, Shakespeare, Homer, and fantasy football figured out once and for all.  It's good we got this finished once and for all before Scott moves east later in the month.

2.  I found out today that Southern Tier Brewery brews a superb Harvest Ale, a classic English ESB, and as I was sipping on it at Sixteen Tons, imagining I was back in England, quaffing away, watching the Pearl District Block Party go on around me, in popped Katy and Ron.  We had a great visit, full of information, catching up, and great laughs.  I didn't know for sure that the Troxstar would pop in.  I was a little up in the air, but right in the middle of laughing with Ron, the Troxstar and CB appeared.  One pint.  Four friends. Lots of laughs.  Then, it was off to Billy Mac's.

3.  Friends are traveling right now, so the Deke and are were the only ones at Billy Mac's.  I tried the special, a bbq prime rib open face sandwich on sourdough.  Splendid.  The Deke left before and I said I thought I'd play a little video poker before coming on home.  The Deke tenderly commanded, "Win for once."  I gulped.  I put in a twenty and played and played up a little, then down, down a little more, under 10 bucks, and then I hit a $150.00 winner and came home, having cleared $130.00.  "Win for once", indeed.  :)

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