Sunday, September 18, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 09/17/11: Market, New Lens, Sushi Ya

1.  Muffie, Larry, the Deke, Sam and I went down to Saturday Market. Sam was in heaven and it was fun to see her be so excited.  I ran into Patsy and enjoyed our conversation a ton. I also enjoyed taking pictures.  I posted an album of them on Facebook and I'll post some of them on kelloggbloggin when I'm done with these 3bt's.

2.  I enjoyed shooting for the first time with my new lens, the one Russell found at Goodwill for twenty bucks.  It'll be fun to see how this older 50 mm. prime compares/contrasts with my more contemporary 50 mm prime. 

3.  Muffie, Larry, the Deke, Sam, Pat, and I went to Sushi Ya.  I love sushi.  I don't eat it often and eating all those rolls tonight was a deeply satisfying treat.  The one called Deborah was really good.  I was going to suggest to managment that they rename it The Deke, but I decided to keep my yap shut.

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