Thursday, September 22, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 09/21/11: Brisk, Aisle Blocking Conversation, Facebook Three Per Center

1.  The department meeting was brisk.  After the brisk division meeting.  Brisk is beautiful.

2.  I ran into Tim at Market of Choice and we blocked an aisle for about twenty minutes talking about teaching composition, the value of work, movies, and beer.  I think most of the people who needed to get by us made it all right.

3.  I created my own customized news feed and it made the changes in Facebook work pretty well for me.  97% of users hate the changes.  Guess I'm a Facebook Three Percenter.  (So are Ilene, Jon, Rhonda, the Troxstar [pretty much -- uh, maybe], and others.)

1 comment:

Gathering Around the Table said...

I am part of the three per cent also. What is the big deal?