Saturday, September 10, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 09/09/11: Photo Walk, Keg Run, A Cool Grand With the Troxstar

1.  I walked around downtown and into the Pearl District, taking photographs.  I ducked into the alley behind the liquor store on 8th and wondered why I hadn't ducked into this alley long ago and taken pictures of the brick building advertising Brenner's Furniture that sits between the liquor store and The Dining Room. It's a workplace.  I don't know what the employees do inside, but maybe one day I'll figure it out or someone can tell me.  But I enjoyed taking pictures all around it and will return.  For one thing, I want to take some pictures with a wider angle lens.   Here are a couple of shots from this building.

2.  The Troxstar swung by and we went over to Point Blank where he bought a keg of Hopworks Cool Grand for his Kegerator.  It was fun talking with Dale, the guy at Point Blank, and fun seeing the Troxstar score this beer that is a one time brew, the 1000th beer Hopworks has created.  Or something like that.

3.  The Troxstar and I drank a Cool Grand at his dining table and almost had everything in the world figured out, but he had to leave and go to a soccer match.  For the kids.

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