Saturday, September 24, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 09/23/11: Film Festival Mtg, Outta Nowhere -- Veldhuizen!, Stacked Corned Beef

1.  I enjoyed very much sitting down with a group of people to begin planning the spring quarter Islamic Film Festival or whatever we are calling it.  Many great movies have been and are being made in countries that are predominantly Muslim or in places like Israel, by Israeli filmmakers, about Muslims living in the Golan Heights or Palestine or Jerusalem. and we had a great conversation about a wide variety of these movies, from around the world.  It was especially good to have Ibrahim Hamide at the table. He is Palestinian, has family back in Palestine, works hard to encourage peaceful relations between people of differing religious and ethnic practices and origins, and loves movies.  Oh!  And is a very good restaurateur. 

2.  The Troxstar and I met for a couple of pints at Sixteen Tons.  I enjoyed my pint of Firestone Walker Oaktoberfest as well as a pint of Gilgamesh Fresh Hop Harvester Oktoberfest.  I was sipping away and apparently out of nowhere popped Dave Veldhuizen, whom I hadn't seen for a few years, and we got sort of caught up on some things and he paid tribute to the presence of the Troxstar.  The pints, quaffing with the Troxstar, and seeing Dave made the visit to Sixteen Tons, well, it made it a beautiful thing.

3.  I dropped into the Jiffy Market for a corned beef, salami, Swiss, and cheddar sandwich on sourdough bread.  I know the sandwiches there are pretty thick, pretty filling (and, for my taste, really good) so I only order a half a one and it was just what I needed before taking part in Beautiful Thing #1 and then enjoying Beautiful Thing #2.

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