Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 09/19/11: Sam Visits Two Eugene Pillars, Teachers Meet, True Troxstar Power

1.  I took Sam to the Kiva and to Hiron's to introduce her to two contrasting pillars upholding the world of Eugene.

2.  I think this project we are undertaking at St. Mary's is going to work out just fine.  The teachers met today and we'll succeed in leading discussion around the different aspects of "Christianity for the Rest of Us".

3.  Sixteen Tons.  Two pints. Hop Valley Hopocalypse Blackout Stout.  Sierra Nevada Porter. I bought a membership.  Em was working the taps.  I walked in.  Before she said hello or anything, she wondered where the Troxstar was.  What it must be like to be the real deal, a big deal.  Like the Troxstar.  True Troxstar power.

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