Saturday, October 27, 2012

Three Beautiful Things, 10/26/12: Mr. Mme. Diedrich Again, Canceled Trip, Billy Mac's Contentment

1.  My stint as the Deke's teaching assistant, as Mr. Madame Diedrich, was briefer today.  I gave a thirty word spelling challenge test to two students who made me laugh as they talked about the challenges of cursive writing and spontaneously revealed their mnemonic devices for remembering how to spell certain words. 

2.  The Deke is on the disabled list.  She can't walk.  She barely hobbles around on crutches.  Hurricane/tropical storm Sandy is about to his the eastern seaboard.  The Deke agonized over how to make the trip she had planned to New York and D.C. work and, by the end of the afternoon, she decided not to go and will use her ticket at another date when she's healed up and a hurricane isn't bearing down on the area she is planning to travel.  From my point of view, she made the right decision, hard as it was to arrive at.

3.  Billy Mac's really is our go to place for comfort and reliable food and drinks and after the Deke's afternoon of difficult decision making, she and I immediately agreed we would go to Billy Mac's.  I had one of those perfect sit downs where the hefeweizen, hot chicken strips, and dinner salad not only hit the spot, made gave me a sense of contentment, of relaxation. 

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