Saturday, October 6, 2012

Three Beautiful Things 10/05/12: Portland Pictures, Pleasing Dinner, News Travels Oddly

1.  After a week, I finally looked at the over 200 pictures I took last Friday in Portland.  I want another shot at taking pictures of industrial sites along the Willamette River near the Broadway Bridge.  I've got to figure out how to do better with those to make them look in a photo as compelling as my eye sees them.  I'll get back.  My favorite pictures were of the fascinating ways the Steel Bridge was reflected on the river.

2.  It makes me happy when fixing dinner pleases the Deke after she's had a full day at the end of a full week of work and tonight the chicken spinach feta sausage with sweet potatoes, onion, and mushroom topped with fresh raw tomato did the trick.

3.  I talked with Mom for about a half an hour on the phone.  With Facebook and email, I sometimes get Kellogg news before she does, so it was odd to ask her what she knew about Floyd Williams having passed away and she hadn't heard it happened.  For you Kellogg people who may not know, Floyd died of a massive stroke earlier this week.  (If I have the cause of death wrong, please let me know.)

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