Monday, October 1, 2012

Three Beautiful Things 10/01/12: Walking, Reading, Frying

1. After a good news visit to the dentist I walked to Valley River Center, then to Maurie Jacobs Park where I sat on a bench and finished reading Stoner, now one of my favorite existential novels for its lack of pretense, elegant and simple style, and penetrating examination of a life of loneliness interrupted on occasion by times of joy, pleasure, and temporary fulfillment. After finishing the book, I finished my walk home.

2. I stopped at the Red Barn for a little bag of Kettle Chips and a can of Blue Sky lemon-lime soda and had a fun bit of back and forth with the cashier about high maintenance grocery bag packing. She can't let a grocery store employee pack her groceries, she's that finicky about categories and what goes in what bag. Her boyfriend is even more particular/peculiar about such things.

3. The electric frying pan was back in action tonight: onion, yams, and mushrooms fried with lean ground beef, topped with raw tomatoes. The Deke made a cabbage salad. We enjoyed our supper.

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