Monday, October 8, 2012

Three Beautiful Things 10/08/12: Loneliness and Service, Sixteen Tons and the Future, Morgue on *The Wire*

1.  Why do I make an annual pledge to St. Mary's Episcopal Church?  I was asked to say so today at the 11 o'clock service and I talked about chronic loneliness and how keeping the church strong is a support being of service to the lonely and how serving others through the church (and in my work, by the way) has been a way for me to ward off loneliness over the years. 

2.  Often, on Sunday afternoons, the Deke and I got to Sixteen Tons and continue trying to figure out what our changed life is looking like and might look like in the future now that I've retired.  We did that again today.  No decisions.  More possibilities.  Refreshing beer.

3.  Season four of The Wire keeps getting deeper episode by episode.  I'm particularly intrigued by Marlo Stanfield's makeshift morgue and the couple of story lines that have begun to develop around it:  Chris's careless fling of the dead security officer's badge and the discovery of the morgue by the middle school kids.  Please, if you read this and know anything, don't tell me.   Let the suspense play itself out for me......

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