Monday, October 15, 2012

Three Beautiful Things 10/14/12: Money Sermon, NY State of Mind, Steelhead Satisfaction

1.  Loren Crow delivered a profound sermon on biblical concepts of money today.   I can hardly wait until it appears in print so I can pore over it more and review the passages from the Bible he so eloquently illuminated and drew upon to support his central argument: what we "own" is a gift.  Money helps us meet our needs, but, biblically speaking, it's not to be clung to, but to be shared.  My summation doesn't do Loren Crow's sermon justice. 

2.  I guess I was in a New York state of mind this afternoon as I read about parks in the Bronx, studied more subway train lines, refreshed some memories of being in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and returned to Chris Arnade (here and here).

3.  The Deke and I decided to go to the Steelhead for a relaxing drink and a bite to eat and it was quietly blissful.  We talked about our future some more.  I love Steelhead's Orange Wheat Ale.  It tasted perfect with the twelve pack of hot chicken wings I ate.  Quiet.  Tasty.  Good conversation.  Fineness.

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