Sunday, October 21, 2012

Three Beautiful Things 10/20/12: Beer Tour, New to Oregon, On Her Own Terms

1.  It was fun touring a few spots in the Greater Portland Metropolitan Area with Jimmy Byrd for a handful of beers:  McMenamin's at West Linn, Rock Bottom in downtown Portland, High Rocks in Gladstone, and the Highland Stillhouse in Oregon City. 

2.  Jim and I had great conversation with our server at Rock Bottom.  She left Wisconsin a few months ago to move to Portland; she loves the Oregon outdoors and loves the Packers.  She's a Deadhead, too, making Portland a good place to be in the days of Furthur.

3.  Where we were sitting at the Rock Bottom put Jim in the way, sometimes, of Bethany and Sara and the fellas they were with while they played pool.  Bethany would ask Jim to move, he'd stand up, she'd scratch his back a little, and shoot her shot.  It was all fun. As we got ready to leave, Bethany insisted having her picture taken with us and then with Sara and Jim and me.  After the pictures, Sara hung around me and Jim a little longer to tell us that Bethany was terminally ill with intestinal cancer and being out with her friends, having her picture taken with us, asking for a little kiss on the cheek was all helping her leave life on her own terms. 

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