Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Three Beautful Things, 10/10/12: Fall Walk, Kind Priest, New Fry Pan

1.  I enjoyed a sunshiny autumn walk to Wells Fargo, where I got the information I needed, to Sixteen Tons, where I visited Emily while she worked her last shift before moving to Connecticut, and to the Kiva, where I bought tomatoes, cucumbers, and kalamata olives for a brown rice salad. 

2.  I presented my thoughts about reading aloud to the LEMs and lectors tonight and afterward Father Bingham Powell was kind to tell me that he has put some of my thoughts into practice and he noticed a change for the better in how he articulated Sunday's service and was praised by people in church who noticed the improvement.  It made me very happy to hear this.

3.  I have a long=standing love affair with my electric fry pan.  When I arrived home tonight, I discovered the Deke bought me another one, a small one, suited for those occasions when I am cooking for myself.  It's a great surprise and look forward to cooking with it -- as soon as I get the proper food. 

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