Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Three Beautiful Things 10/23/12: Family Tree, Petite Porketta, GT

1.  I decided to have my students write about the short film, "Family Tree" and I don't know if they enjoyed it, but I loved seeing it twice today, making it about 400 times that I've seen it.

2.  I asked the butcher at the Market of Choice for the smallest porketta in the case and he found one so small that I hadn't even seen it.  Perfect!  A one pound porketta for the Deke and me. 

3.  I came home and got the groceries put away and the kitchen readied for cooking dinner and poured myself a gin and tonic and then a few more and Janna and the Deke arrived and they wanted some gin and tonic and the wound down and I cooked dinner and Janna went home and Deke and I ate and it was a very relaxing evening. 

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