Friday, October 5, 2012

Three Beautiful Things 10/04/12: Hoagland, Nadal, Searcher

1.  Riding the bus to work is working for me.  This morning I read poems from Tony Hoagland's sardonic collection, What Narcissism Means to Me (see excerpts here).

2.  Teaching in my retirement:  I feel more reckless, less restrained -- I delivered my liberal arts sermon on the mount.  I could have told my students that they shall love self-examination and pursuing the well-lived with all their hearts and souls and their minds and they should love their studies as they love themselves, but I didn't go quite that far.  I did, however, invite them to find love in their studies, to be moved to learn by give it a go.

For today, I retired my Federer teaching style and went into Nadal mode. 

3.  After a couple of glasses of Tracktown Honey Orange Wheat Ale and an order of fries, I was settling my bill when the bartender invited me to have a good afternoon.  I was going to meet the Deke at Sixteen Tons and told the bartender that I was "going to walk the mean streets of Eugene in search of my wife."  My search succeeded. 

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