Saturday, October 13, 2012

Three Beautiful Things 10/12/12: Walkin' the Tamron, Brails Espresso House, Holy Jack Buck!

1.  I attached my Tamron 28 mm, 2.5ff on my D3100 today and took it for a stroll.  It's a manual lens so I couldn't rely on any of the auto stuff I rely on with the lenses I use more frequently.  Everything was hit or miss, for the most part -- mostly miss -- but I enjoy this lens and I like shooting manually, even if I'm lousy at it.  I try to wrap my head around the light and the f stop and the shutter speed and ISO and the cool thing is that when I succeed, it feels pretty good.  None of my pictures were that great, but here's one I'll post just for old time's sake.

2.  MB, JH, and MM and I tried out the espresso house at Brails and it was a very relaxing place to sit and, for an hour or an hour and a half or so pretend like we are the four smartest people who ever rode tall into Dodge.  It was a great time.

3.  Sometimes I like to go to Billy Mac's and sit at the bar, have a few beers, eat some appetizers, and watch a ball game.  I did that this evening.  First I had the bbq chicken appetizer special and then I had hot shrimp.  I shot the breeze a little with Derrick and John and Cathy.  I enjoyed the early innings of what turned out to be the remarkable baseball game between the Nats and the Cards.  I would have needed CPR if I'd stayed and watched the entire game.  Holy Jack Buck!  What a comeback by the Cardinals!

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