Monday, October 1, 2012

Three Beautiful Things 09/28/12: Stoner, Photo Stroll, Pub Crawl

1.  Everything fell into place right off the bat this morning:  I packed quickly, strolled to the Greyhound station, found a seat toward the front of the bus, and rode to Portland in peace.  I especially enjoyed reading the first few chapters of John Williams' classic novel about a professor in Missouri, "Stoner".  (The professor's name is William Stoner.)

2.  I strolled in Tanner Creek Park and then went to the south bank of the Willamette River, just west of the Broadway Bridge to just west of the Steel Bridge and took about 200 photographs.  I'm eager to see if any of them are any good....but whether they are or not, the strolling and the imagining relaxed and pleased me.

3.  I walked over the Broadway Bridge, strolled to N. Russell, and after a refreshing Hammerhead and order of fries at the White Eagle, met Terry Turner at the Widmer Brothers' Gasthaus for a Drop Top Amber.  We then scooted a ways across town to the Belmont Station where I savored a Firestone Walker Oaktoberfest.  It was on the way to our final destination, so we stopped in at the Hopworks Urban Brewery and had a short one, a half pint of scrumptious Cask ESB.  Our final destination was the Highland Stillhouse in Oregon City.  The best thing happened.

    Boddington's Cream Ale was on the taplist.  I ordered a pint and the bartender said they were out an asked me if  an Old Speckled Hen (my favorite of all English beers)  would be all right.  I nearly fainted, gathered myself, and said, "Um. Okay.  That'll do."  It was especially tasty with the fish and chips I ordered. 

It was a great little pub crawl, slow and easy, nightcapped at Terry's house with a short Moscow Mule. 

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The Male Goddess said...

I hope to visit the Highland Stillhouse. Was there any cask on tap? And how was the Hopworks cask ESB?