Monday, October 1, 2012

Three Beautiful Things 09/30/12: Singles, Silence, Steelhead

1.  Arrived back at Terry's after the game about three a.m. and arose to the start of the Ryder Cup singles matches which were riveting, especially the last round shots and putts of Ian Poulter and Justin Rose.  I was much more taken and interested in what the Europeans did that was nervy and heroic than I was in the failures of the U.S. golfers.

2.  The ride on the bus was quiet and restful, allowing me to read Stoner by John Williams in peace and with full attention.

3.  I hadn't seen S. since she was in my WR 122 class years ago and when I met the Deke at Steelhead for a bite to eat when I got off the bus, S. was our server and I enjoyed a few minutes of getting reacquainted.  It was fun that we remembered each other -- even if I didn't remember her name and needed reminding.  She was in a class that I remember warmly. 

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