Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Three Beautiful Things 10/02/12: Student Portraits, Greek Salad, Pleasures of Giving Up My Car

1.  To get my WR 115 students' first writing project underway, I took a portrait of each student at the location of her or his choice on campus.  I took pictures in the parking lot, baseball field, soccer field, at the gym, in the garden on the west side of campus, at the LTD stop, near and in the art building, and on the first two levels of the Center building.  I have a total of 36 students and got these pictures taken in four hours.  I loved having to hike all over campus and did my best to take good pictures, albeit fast ones.  I wish I could show some of them online, but I promised my students that they would have control of these pictures, so I'm turning the future of each picture over to them. 

2.  The Deke and I keep a sort of empty refrigerator now that we are the only two living in our house.  I stopped at the Kiva and thought, "I'll bet if I buy some tomatoes, cucumbers, a red pepper, and some kalamata olives, I can make a great brown rice Greek salad with what we have at home."  I was right. The salad made a superb dinner.

3.  Since I donated my car to a kidney foundation, I have to walk and bus wherever I go during the day and I'm reminded how isolating it is to drive in a car and how much I become a part of life downtown when I take the bus and walk:  I see (and sometimes talk to) people I haven't seen for a while, talk with some people I don't really know, and hear conversations about stuff that wouldn't otherwise hear. I'm back in touch with a realm of life in Eugene that I used to experience, but haven't for a while.  It was especially fun talking on the bus with Philos about the literary genre of comedy this morning.  He might be Lane Community College's most intelligent and inquisitive employee of all....and he's a past student of mine.  I hope we continue to ride the same bus on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. 

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