Sunday, October 7, 2012

Three Beautiful Things 10/06/12: Open Your Mouth, Eggplant Delight, U of O Emptiness

1.  I gave a little talk at a meeting at St. Mary's today about how I go about reading the Old Testament lesson aloud when I'm the lector.  I talked for a while, but summed in up in three words:  Open your mouth.  When acting, reading, singing, or doing anything involving projecting one's voice, it's the first principle:  open your mouth.  All the good things that can happen when something is read or performed aloud do not have a chance if the reader's mouth is barely open.

2.  Yi Shen's eggplant delight, a curried mixture of eggplant and other vegetables with a side of brown rice, tasted supremely good for lunch today.

3.  After about forty minutes of taking pictures at the University of Oregon, the campus depopulated by the upcoming Duck/Huskies game, I decided to explore emptiness:  empty benches, stairs, and other ways the place was empty.  The saddest emptiness is at the east courtyard of Prince Lucien Campbell Hall where, in 2008, someone stole James Hansen's statue:

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