Monday, October 1, 2012

Three Beautiful Things 09/27/12: Portraits, Rogue, TroxAle

1.  My WR 115 students seemed to go for it:  I am creating a writing project for them that begins with taking a portrait of each student at a location of their choice on campus.  This will be fun and I think some good essays will emerge from it.

2.  I arrived downtown on the bus and decided to drop in for a bite to eat at the Rogue Ale House.  Once in, I suddenly remembered that I find their Tracktown Honey Orange Wheat Ale a nearly perfect afternoon beer:  light, flavorful, easy on the alcohol, superb with hot wings.  So, I ordered wings and enjoyed three glasses of Honey Orange Wheat Ale and contemplated some of the small pleasures of teaching part time in my post-retirement appointment.

3.  The Troxstar's brother, the Troxcomet was in town and we had a couple or three rounds of tasty beers at the Bier Stein and discussed the greatness of Deep Purple, bemoaning that the Bier Stein does not have Deep Purple on its in-house playlist. 

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The Male Goddess said...

Ah yes. That was, as always, a good time. We should get paid to entertain.