Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 06/02/14: House Sold, Rafters Cleared, Real Ale

1.  Our house is sold.  We are renters.  The papers have been signed and delivered.  Funds dispersed.  Now it's time to head down the home stretch of clearing out the house, doing a bit more packing, figuring out a mover, and getting ready to hit the road.

2.  There is a storage area in the rafters of the garage.  It's clear now.  Dump trip coming soon.  Until doing this work of clearing out the house and garage, I'd forgotten that the previous owner left a fair amount of stuff behind in 1993.  I can't remember if he told me he was doing that and I said, "No problem" or if he just neglected to take care of this and that.  I know one thing:  we aren't leaving anything behind for the new owners to clean up and clear out.  They'll have an empty house -- except for what they have bought from us.

3.   Ted, the proprietor of Brewer's Union in Oakridge, brought a cask of  Flummoxed Lummox English Red Ale to the Sixteen Tons Cafe.  For me, this meant a couple of pints of real ale, of hand pumped, cask conditioned English beer.  It was a delight to relax with these pints of real ale after one last visit to the title company and a quick stop at the bank, in short, with the closing of our house sale over. 

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