Friday, June 6, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 06/05/14: Paint Gone, Classroom Instruction Done, Great Social Life!

1.  One short trip to meet one easy appointment at the Household Hazards site at the Lane County dump and now the garage is free of all old paint, old Rustoleum, and other old such stuff -- I've been guilty of procrastination in getting this easy little job done.  Some of this stuff was sitting in the basement in June, 1993 when I first bought this house.  It's all gone now.

2.  Next week I will hold a two hour office hour on Tuesday to hand back papers.  Today was my last day in the classroom at LCC after twenty-five years at the school.  My class didn't actually meet.  Students strolled by, either handed in final papers or, because they finished early,  picked papers up. My career of classroom instruction came to a very uneventful and quiet end, more of a whimper than a bang.  

3.  Today was one of my best ever days for social occasions.  Let me explain:
  • I met up with Cliff and Jeff and Don and Richard at Sixteen Tons for our regular Thursday afternoon get together and, thanks to Cliff, we all shared a bottle of Logsdon's divinely delicious Cerasus Organic Kriek Brewed with Oregon Cherries.  THEN, in celebration of Eugene Beer Week, the Sixteen Tons Whiskey Barrel Beer Fest got underway and I really enjoyed a few sips of about five different beers that had been aged in whiskey barrels and it was awesome.
  • The Deke and I met up at Billy Mac's with Shay, Lynn, Pam, Michael, Kathleen, and Anne, friends we have met there with for years, and had an animated dinner together, with great conversation and surprise readings by Kathleen of a splendid Kay Ryan poem and by the Deke of some wonderful papers written by her students.  It was the last time the Deke and I can meet on Thursday at 5:30 with our friends before we move.  
  • After dinner, I met up with Carolyn and the Troxstar at the Bier Stein for a couple of witbiers and some wide-ranging conversation and a lot of good laughs.  More fun and a great way to cap a great afternoon and evening of seeing friends.

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