Sunday, June 22, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 06/21/14: Lunch with Kenton, Fog Lifting, Major Crimes -- Whoa!

1.  For over fifty years, Kenton Bird has been one of my best friends.  He was in Post Falls for some contra dancing this evening and he drove over the hill to Kellogg so he could visit Mom and the Deke before the two of us went out for a delicious lunch and some catching up at the Hill Street Depot. 

2.  I am ready for the fog in my head to lift, the fog of just being tired from all it took to leave Eugene, and Mom's house is a great place to be to let the fog lift while sitting or lying around in a daze.

3.  Mom had videotaped a couple recent episodes of Major Crimes.  Whoa.  The episode we watched about the murder of Dante after he'd been paroled from jail, doing time for a murder he never committed, had me, at key moments, think I was watching a Shakespeare play and made me think, yet again, that 21st century cable television would be the perfect medium for Shakespeare, were he telling stories today. 

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