Saturday, June 28, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 06/27/14: Living Room Jesus, Chillin' at Wal-Mart, Casino Therapy

 1. On a wall in her living room that is easy to see, Carol has had a picture of Jesus hanging for a long time.  In fact, I've always thought of it as the photo bombing Jesus because any photograph taken in that part of the living room would have Jesus barging into it.  Well.  Carol moved Jesus to what I thought was a more obscure spot on her living room wall.  I had to, yes, I had to interrogate Carol to find out if Jesus being moved was a statement of Carol's regard for Jesus.  Paul told me they pray more now to compensate for moving the picture < wink smile> and Carol and Paul were so free and generous in letting me have a couple of shipping boxes, that they convinced me that, while Jesus was less prominent in their living room, they're good with the Bethlehem Rock.

2.  I had some business at the Smelterville Wal-Mart today, and, after dumping a jar of change into the Coinstar machine, picking up some food items, visiting with Teresa Baillie, and spending about half the day looking for briquettes, I went to the check out stand.  I could have been like the guy I heard about at Yoke's the other day and started yelling at the cashier and throwing money at him.  Things were really slow.  Brandon was breaking in as a checker.   The shopper ahead of me was buying for two and made two separate payments.  When it came time for her to pay for her first batch of goods, she went on a deep sea dive into her purse and it took her about an hour to find her money.  While waiting, I recited Books 9-12 of The Odyssey to myself. Then, I became the hour long customer.  Mom gave me coupons to use from Fred Meyer and Albertson's and elsewhere and so I got to break Brandon into the whole Wal-Mart coupon match thing, so while I recited Book 13 of The Odyssey, he learned how to do overrides and what buttons to punch so that Mom could help Wal-Mart fulfill its commitment to providing low prices every day. 

 3.  Ed and I drove down to the Cd'A Casino and had a great talk on the way down and back and Ed, after a long and stressful week of work out on I-90, relieved himself of a ton of that stress watching those reels spin and keeping his bank in pretty good shape.  I could tell after playing for a while that luck was not on my side, so I quit playing a couple of hours before we left and had fun hanging out with Ed and trying to tell the machines what to do on Ed's behalf.  The machines rarely obeyed.  Ha!

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