Thursday, June 5, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 06/04/14: Next Step, Herman at Dari Mart, Repair Reconciliation

1.  The best news at Next Step Recycling is that they will keep the cds Debbie recorded and didn't sell out of the waste stream.

2.  After donating many items from the garage at Goodwill and making a stop at the Post Office, I stopped in at Dari Mart on West 11th for some milk, a Coke, and potato chips, and, as I was leaving, there, in his wheelchair was my longtime friend, union man, and fellow bullshitter, HERMAN.  He turns 76 years old on Friday, he told me, and it's remarkable he's made it this far.  He's had all kinds of problems with his physical health, but not his mental.  We fell right back into some good b.s. together by the Slurpee machine, talking about people we know at LCC and other stuff and Herman did what he's always done:  he made me laugh.  A few months ago, I asked MB if Herman was still alive.  I hadn't seen him for a couple of years and, like me, he no longer comes out to the college regularly.  I learned he was alive and I had that fact verified yesterday when I saw Herman for no doubt, the last time and told him I loved him.  (He turned my sentiment into a joke...and so I got one last good laugh.)

3.  It turns out the repairs the buyers wanted done didn't cost quite as much as I paid for them, so I got to back to Western Title today and pick up another check, this one reconciling the contractor's final invoice and the amount I overpaid.  That was a nice surprise.

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