Sunday, June 15, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 06/14/14: Sorting, Lunch and Pictures, Superb Party

1.  I sorted through our family papers and organized them.  I'm very happy that I can fit these papers and my camera equipment all in one tub that I can transport in the car when we make our move.

2.  Russell and I had a delicious lunch at Pure.  I enjoyed my spicy chicken teriyaki rice bowl and miso soup.  Russell and I haven't been able to get together for lunch and picture taking for too long, thanks largely to my busy life these past weekends, so it was great to have time to talk and then to venture over to the Saturday Market area and take some pictures.

3.  Thomas of Sixteen Tons envisioned and organized a Rose/Pinot Noir wine festival and put it on today on the patio of the Sixteen Tons Cafe.  It was one of the best parties I've ever been to.  The wine was exquisitely delicious.  It was fun hanging out with Jacob, Thomas, the Deke, Jay, Sherri, and Patrick and I got to see Gail and meet her daughter, the photographer, Nicole.  I also had a great moment with Tosha, a former student of mine, who expressed gratitude for my work as her instructor. I had forgotten that she was my student and after our talk the things that transpired between us nearly five years ago started to come back. Her gratitude and sincerity and openness moved me and I felt even more strongly than ever that the work teachers do is primarily about how we treat our students, about the relationships we forge. Course content matters, but the relationships matter more.  I learned this back in 1975 from Nick Faber in his course Growth and Learning and it stayed with me for the entirety of my years as a teacher.  I'm very grateful that Tosha seized the moment and told me what she did.  It made my night. 

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