Monday, June 9, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 06/08/14: So Long, Patrick's Digs, Home Again

1.  After a night of refreshing sleep, Ed, Scott, Bruce, and I piled into the car and went back to Diane's for some awesome breakfast and to help with the clean up.  Yeah, we were getting ready to scatter again after a fun-filled weekend, but we all know the separation won't be long.  I, for one, will be back in Kellogg around June 20th for a week or so and back out to Idaho in November.  We'll have other get togethers.  We work at it.  As I've written already, this is what I love.  We work at seeing each other.

2.  I got to see Patrick's digs today when I motored over to his joint to hand over some dishes and the Bose.  Now when I hear him talk about his roommates, I'll be able to see in my mind's eye who they are.  I also got to see Ellen for a minute and I enjoyed that.  It was a good, if short, visit.

3.  I dropped off a multi-purpose tool to Turner that he had left at Diane's, and them made my way back to Eugene.  The Deke was at a potluck in the rural reaches of Creswell, so I took a nap and awaited news that she was ready to hit the road and meet for a beer at Sixteen Tons -- where Jay and Sherri were having a beer and we joined them for some good conversation and the created the possibility of having dinner together before we leave town. 

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