Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 06/16/14: Rita Visits, Patsy GabFest, Mollie Got a Desk

1.  I was just getting ready to move and I heard a light knock on the door and it was RITA!  What a great surprise.  She came in and we had a wonderful conversation and said good-bye to each other, with an inner confidence that we will see each other again -- because we always do!

2.  I strolled down to 16 Tons for, second of all, some delicious Pliny, the Elder Imperial IPA, but, first of all, for some gab time with Patsy and we had a great session, swapping tales, agreeing with each other (because we are never wrong), and having a bunch of really good laughs.

3.  Mollie and Steven came over to take possession of the desk I've had for the last thirty-one years and my dresser and a lamp.  I loved seeing these two and was really glad to give these things to Mollie, who expressed deep gratitude.  It was perfect.

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