Monday, June 30, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 06/29/14: Breakfast with Darren, Rose Lake Visit, Throwback Dinner

1.  I drove Ed to Coeur d'Alene and we met Darren for breakfast at Susie's Home Kitchen.  After the Hall of Fame of Great Guys blow out Saturday night, the bacon, sunny side eggs, freshly boiled and grated hash browns, English muffin, coffee, and multiple glasses of water helped me recover and feel sort of human again.  Even more, I enjoyed jawing with Darren and Ed, finding out what LPs I gave him Darren was enjoying (Sex Pistols, Ramones, T Rex, Dire Straits, Elvis Costello, and more) and yakking about that fine new downtown CdA beer joint, Crafters.

2.  On the way back to the Silver Valley, Ed and I dropped in on Jake and Carol at their Rose Lake house.  They bought a dilapidated hoarders' property, filled multiple dumpsters with all the garbage the house was filled with, got a remodel underway, and transformed the hoarders' shack into a beautiful house.  I am blown away by the transformation.  I enjoyed seeing Carol's son, Mark's family, seeing Carol's new great-grandchild, and staying just long enough to see Jake and Carol's mothers, Bev and Maxine.  I've known them both for about as long as I've been alive.  Leaving Ron and Carol's, bumping along the 5 mph E. Park road, many memories of many fun times with tons of great family friends came rushing back.

3.  I don't think Mom knows about the World Wide Web's Throwback thing, but she fixed a Throwback Dinner tonight, a Mom Classic from when I was growing up:  fried pork chops, applesauce, boiled potatoes, white gravy, and cooked carrots.  I thought I'd just come home from basketball practice and needed to go to my room and study for tomorrow morning's test in Ray Faraca's biology class. 

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