Monday, June 9, 2014

Three Beautiful Thngs 06/06/14: Birthday Party, Laps at the Airport, Where's My Swimming Suit?

1.  Members of the Kellogg High School Class of '72 who could make it, got together at Diane's in Vancouver, WA for a Friday evening, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning celebration of all of us turning 60 years old. Of those who attended, I was the oldest, having been born 12-27-53.  It's a meaningless detail except for the fact that I expected to be treated with the respect due the party's elder.  Ha!

2.  I drove to the Portland International Airport to pick up Ed, Scott, Bruce, and Wanda.  It was a congested mess.  I couldn't find my friends to pick them up.  Through Scott, I found out that my friends were waiting to be picked up at the Alaska Airlines departure area on the upper level and I was looking to pick them up at the arrival area on the lower level.  I made four circuits into the arrival area, out again, around the airport,  and back to arrivals.  Because it was so congested and busy, security wouldn't let me sit and wait for my friends, so I drove laps and, finally, Scott and I figured it all out over the phone and my friends came down to the arrival area and I picked them up and drove us all to Diane's party.  It was an absurd evening at PDX -- and really funny.  I'm just glad it all worked out and that I didn't have to spend eternity driving laps to the arrival area, out, and back again.

3.   I tossed my swimming suit in the back seat of the car before I went to the airport so I could wear it in the hot tub at Diane's.  Then I couldn't find it, even after going back to the rental car and looking. So, when it came time to soak, I stripped down to my white briefs, to my classmates' delight, and eased myself into the tub.  They were delighted that I soaked in my skivvies.  Patty found it refreshing.  It gave us all a little more of a feeling of being family.  Later, while sitting in a patio chair in my undies next to Wanda, drying by the patio fire, she told me my swim suit was in the rental car, in the window sill behind the back seat.  She'd put my suit there when she got in the car at the airport.  Sigh. 

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