Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 06/24/14: Father Behaving Badly, Pasties, Rizzoli and Isles

1. A shopper at Yoke's apologized for her father's behavior yesterday when he got impatient when a customer ahead of him couldn't remember his PIN number and so he started yelling and throwing money at the cashier.  The cashier said that it wasn't that bad.  She said once the father understood that the computer running the debit machine had crashed he settled right down and was really nice.

2.  Pasty feast at Carol's!

3.  Part of the rest and nap regimen when visiting Kellogg is to watch hours of crime shows and I've learned that I enjoy Rizzoli and Isles and was particularly taken by the episode I saw tonight about a pre-school teacher with amnesia and the death of Rizzoli's best friend and law enforcement partner. 

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