Sunday, June 29, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 06/28/14: Then and Now, Abby at Stein's, Hall of Fame of Great Guys Convenes

1.  Back in 1977, Christy, Carol, and I posed for a picture to give Mom and Dad for their 25th wedding anniversary.  At dinner the other night, the three of us posed so that the picture could be taken again, thirty-seven years later.  Christy posted the before and after this evening on Facebook:

2.  Figuring we might need some Kokanee Lager.  I thought we like to bring the mountains to us.  So I went to my former place of employment (1969-71), Stein's, to buy a 12 pack and Terry Absec was working and he was able to pull himself away from the stress and demands of his job and shoot the breeze with me for about twenty minutes.

3.  The Hall of Fame of Great Guys convened another meeting at Knott's Landing.  Byrdman brought the fish tacos and some grilled bits of rib eye.  He brought the condiments for tacos and along with Texas caviar.   Jake brought a 30 pack of Coors Lite and some Mike's Lemonade.  Ed brought a bottle of Black Velvet Roasted Caramel whiskey and Sprite.  Stu brought chips and bottles of Bud Lite and Lime.  Lars brought a nice sized jug of R & R Canadian Whiskey, chips, and dip. Abby brought a 12 pack of Oly.  My list of everyone's offerings is incomplete.  Don hooked up his DVD player to his patio television set so we could listen and drunk sing to cds by Three Dog Night, the Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Seger, Joe Cocker, Glen Campbell, and more.  We had a fire.  Add an endless string of stories, wise cracks, and general yakking to the food, drink, and music and you have a picture of what it looks like when the Hall of Fame of Great Guys gets together for an eight hour session.  We had a brief discussion of heaven and hell.  I told the HOFGG that this is heaven.  I got several fist bumps.  We know what we have.

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