Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 06/09/14: Perennials, Good Walk, Excellent Tire Service

1.  Even though we no longer own this house, I still want the lawn and the flowers to be in decent shape when the owners take possession.  I love seeing the perennials I put in last summer thriving this spring and I hope I'll get to see some of the flowers about to bloom actually come into bloom before we leave.  (I can also see where the spots are that I had planned to improve this spring -- oh well...)

2.  I enjoyed a good walk to the OCCU building to meet with our financial adviser as we work to understand just where we are with money as we get ready to leave and as we make some decisions about this and that.

3.  I enjoy good service and the man in his twenties or thirties who came through AAA to take the flat tire off the Subaru and put on the spare was terrific:  quick, friendly, concerned, professional.  I enjoyed that a lot. 

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