Saturday, June 14, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 06/13/14: Shredding the Past, Marla to the Rescue, Millennials and Boomers

1.  Papers from when I first bought the house.  Two divorce decrees.  The papers officially annulling my first marriage (so is it a marriage any longer?).  Re-fi papers from years ago.  Tax returns from as far back as twenty years.  They are going to the shredder and I can put in a small box the papers we will take with us to Virginia.  Our load keeps getting lighter.

2.  In spring, 2013, I bought a cheap used gas powered lawn mower.  It has run fine.  But, the shaking of the mower keeps rattling the handle, bolted to the mower's body, loose.  Marla came over today and bolted it all back together and less than half way through mowing the front, it all started to come apart again.  I texted Marla, offering to consider the mower a hopeless cause, but she wouldn't hear it.  She came back over, rebolted the handles onto the mower and then, NO REALLY, THIS IS TRUE, and then, she stuck around while I mowed so that if it came apart again she could help me out on the spot.  I was blown away by her thoughtfulness and generosity.  I got the lawn mowed.  It's good now for when the new owners take over the house on Thursday.  And, guess what?  Per an arrangement made several weeks ago, Marla will inherit the lawnmower!  I'll bet once it's in her very capable ownership, she'll fix that damn handle shaking off once and for all.

3.  The Deke came home from her field trip to Wildlife Safari and collapsed and slept for nearly two hours.  A camel ride will do that.  After she awakened, we decided it would be fun to have a pint at Sixteen Tons and we were right.  I enjoyed some refreshing hard apple cider and a 4 oz. splash of Boulevard Beer's Rye on Rye, a rye strong ale aged in charred oak rye whiskey casks.  It's a 12% ABV, so four ounces was all I wanted to drink.  So the drinks were good and so was our company.  About a half a dozen recently minted U of O BFA students sat at our table.  If you are a regular reader of 3BTs, you know that the Deke and I love talking with millennials, with twenty-somethings, and enjoying how the ones we talk with blow the stereotypes about "young people today" to smithereens.  We had a great time listening to Danielle, who told us about her photography (she specializes in large format film photography) and her thoughts about art and education and family.  It was fascinating.  Then friends our own age rolled in and we had a great time yakking with Sherri and Jay.  It was a great party at Sixteen Tons this evening.  We wound down afterwards with a very short brandy at home.

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