Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 06/23/14: Hibernation Ending, HOFGG, KabobFest

1.   Quiet Kellogg, Idaho.  Great place to hibernate.  Great for rest and naps. I started to come out of hibernation today, starting to make contact with friends, making plans.

2.  It looks like the Hall of Fame of Great Guys will be meeting for some adult beverages and fish tacos at Knott's Landing this weekend.

3.  Paul fired up the Weber and served up some righteous kabob:  shrimp, steak, mushroom, red onion, tomato in his and Carol's backyard.  Mojito cocktails.  Limoncello to finish.  Lots of laughs on a cool Kellogg evening.  The first of at least three family dinners in the Roberts' backyard.  

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