Sunday, June 1, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 05/31/14: Clearing Out, Buyer Walk Through, Chez Herb and Francoise

1.  Up and down the basement stairs.  Up and down.  Carrying boxes of old paint cans and other products left over from when I bought this house in 1993.  Dealing with other things I've ignored for twenty-one years.  But, soon, this stuff will go into the back of the Subaru and be out of our house and out of our garage.  We aren't doing it at the last minute!  We are getting our house cleared out. 

2.  The buyers came over for a walk through to check on the work they requested as part of their offer to buy our house.  A couple of things need further attention, but nothing that stops the sale.  I'll be at the title company Monday morning to sign the papers and close this sale.

3.  Herb and Francoise invited us over for some drinks and grilled salmon and potatoes and German cucumber salad and macaroni salad and for an evening of lively conversation about everything from language and its uses to the Deke's future at Robert Goddard  to the wonder of the San Antonio Spurs. 

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