Friday, June 20, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 06/19/14: Movers, Loose Ends, Kellogg

1.  The movers took just under two hours to get our stuff properly cushioned and packed and loaded on their truck.  One of the men took apart the frame we are giving Thomas.  But, we weren't quite done.

2.  Two more trips to Goodwill.  A trip to Next Step.  I delivered Thomas' frame.  I checked in with Mona, the owner of what was once our house. The Deke had more work to do to pack up her room.  I did some sweeping and mopping.  Shortly after noon, we pulled out of the driveway, shipped a parcel, dropped off instruments at the Vertulfo residence, and then we hit the road, tired, but determined to drive to Kellogg with no overnight stops.

3.  We did it.  Shortly after 10 p.m., we rolled into the driveway at Mom's house in Kellogg, got our stuff out of the car, and collapsed.  We have completed the first leg of our trip.

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