Saturday, July 2, 2016

Photo Assignment #3: Red, White, and Blue

When I read this assignment, I decided I would not meet it by taking pictures of flowers and that I would take pictures of red, white, and blue appearing together in each frame. I also decided that I would not take any of these pictures on or near the National Mall where, I'm sure, red, white, and blue abound this weekend.  I had begun to note that red, white, and blue items were scarce in Greenbelt, so I took a couple of different 30-40 minute drives, first to Ellicott City on Thursday and to Annapolis on Saturday. Both places, especially Annapolis, have older buildings in concentrated parts of their respective cities and I played a hunch that these places might fly flags, hang bunting, or have red, white, and blue items displayed in their storefronts.  I was right.

Christy shot flowers, here and Carol took pictures at the Old Cataldo Mission, here.

Here's how Christy worded the assignment:

Three color challenge.Consider the colors red, white, and blue. Construct a photo series using these three colors alone or combined in honor of our nation's birthday. Patriotic pictures are not a requirement. Keep your eyes open and your camera ready for red,white, and blue in any way you see pleasing to the eye. Please post by July 4th.
The first three pictures are from Ellicott City and the last two are from Annapolis:

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