Saturday, July 16, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 07/15/16: Mom's New Walker, Daft Badger Lunch, Back Yard Dinner BONUS! Best Shots

1.  The Deke, Patrick, and I piled into Mom's Malibu and jetted off to Coeur d' Alene and, after gassing up and picking up a few things at Costco, we headed over to Bellevue Healthcare and the Deke and I purchased Mom a new walker, a narrower one, one with four wheels,  equipped with a basket, a snap on and off tray, and a seat. When we brought it home, it was a great relief to watch Mom make her way through narrow passages in the house with some ease and to know that when no one is around to bring Mom a bowl of fruit or cereal or to bring her a sandwich on a plate, she can transport it herself on the tray. I'm going to help Mom find and purchase a cup holder, too.  I hope that this better walker helps Mom in her determination to live more independently in her home.

2. After we purchased the walker, the Deke and I introduced Patrick to the superb food and and beer at Daft Badger.  The Deke decided, because we like to do this sort of thing, that we will call it the Draft Dodger, but, whatever we call it, we now know that if we ever lived near Coeur d'Alene, we'd be enjoying the beers and splitting sandwiches at the Daft Dodger as often as possible. The Daft Badger is one of our favorite places anywhere -- Eugene, Portland, Spokane, Indiana, Michigan, Maryland, Washington, D. C. --anywhere.  This afternoon, the scene at Daft Badger was perfect: it was a temperate, breezy day, very comfortable to sit outside where a group of guys played cornhole in the parking lot and people of all ages filed in and out to enjoy Daft Badger's tasty offerings and impeccably friendly and efficient service. Alysha served us and she made our lunch even more fun and enjoyable.

3.  With Patrick in town, Carol, Paul, Mom, the Deke, Patrick, Christy, Everett, and I swarmed into Christy and Everett's back yard and, after a huckleberry lemonade cocktail, enjoyed a salmon dinner, cowboy beans, beets cooked with chard and onion, a fresh greens salad, and peanut buttery bars with ice cream for dessert.

BONUS: Ed and I went over to Best Shots, the former Kopper Keg, for a drink and we marveled at the remodel job, the transformation of the joint and reminisced about Lucky Lager nights in this building nearly forty-five years ago when Kellogg was still a Wild West mining/logging town and the approach to life was anything goes.  We had the good fortune of having Vicki, sweet and lovely, serve us our drinks and spend a little time shooting the breeze and having a few laughs.

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